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Reviewed by Sara Michelle Fetters


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On the day he is released from a New Orleans prison, crack thief Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) finds himself being extorted by his old partner Vincent (Josh Lucas), the down-on-his luck criminal believing the now ex-con has stashed away the millions they scored on their last heist before the FBI could capture him. But Will burned the money, destroyed it on the spot, so coming up with the cash is going to be a little bit difficult.


Not that Vincent cares. Heís kidnapped Willís estranged teenage daughter Alison (Sami Gayle) and is giving his former partner only 12 short hours to get him the loot before he kills her. With the FBI, including the man who originally caught him in the act Agent Harland (Danny Huston), dogging his every move, the former thief reteams with another of his ex-partners, Riley (Malin Ňkerman), for a new score, the fruits of which will allow him to free his daughter and get Vincent off his back for good.




Stolen isnít really a bad movie. Director Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2) knows what heís doing, staging all of the chases and the gunfights and the explosions and the heists with confident efficiency. The problem with the movie is just how forgone the whole thing is, David Guggenheimís (Safe House) devoid of a single new idea instead treading in the footsteps of countless ticking clock thrillers that have come before it. There are no surprises, nothing original, the final product a paint-by-numbers snore that had me looking at my watch wondering when the filmmakers would finally get around to wrapping all of this humdrum lunacy up.


Still, as disposable action-thrillers go, Stolen is far better made than the majority of direct-to-DVD fair (this did get a limited theatrical release, but for all intents and purposes the movie is essentially making its debut on the home front and not in the multiplex). Itís handsomely shot, enthusiastically scored by the great Mark Isham (Warrior, A River Runs Through It) and all the actors involved, especially Lucas, heís borderline terrific, give more of themselves than was largely necessary. And, more importantly, as Iíve already stated West directs with efficient confidence, never allowing scenes, or the movie itself, for that matter, to linger any longer than necessary.


Not sure thereís a ton more to say. The subplots involving Agent Harland shouldnít exist (or, at the very least, should have been seriously rewritten) and it does take Will a bit too long to finally get around to deciding to embark on a new heist in order to pay Vincent off. But overall Stolen is a difficult movie to hate, the darn thing just too well made (from a technical standpoint, at least) for that the be the case. Itís just unfortunately just as difficult to like, and with that being the case make of that (and my previous statements) what you will and decide on your own whether or not youíre willing to give Cageís latest a chance.




Stolen is presented on a single-layer 25GB Blu-ray MPEG-4 AVC Video with a 2.35:1/1080p transfer.




This Blu-ray features an English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack along with an English Dolby Digital 2.0 track and features optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles.




Extras here include:


         Behind-the-Scenes Featurette (6:42) Ė Typical EPK-style featurette that doesnít do a lot to sell the film as something a person needs to go out of their way to watch.


         Cast and Crew Interview (42:16) Ė A lot of interviews, many of them more in-depth than youíd imagine they ever would be for a movie this disposable. Surprisingly worthwhile.


         Behind the Scenes (10:55) Ė Raw set footage that burgeoning filmmakers might want to take the time to watch. Iíd be lying if I didnít admit to finding this stuff extremely interesting all the same.




Stolen isnít a bad movie, per se, itís just so perfectly disposable and without a single original thought or idea watching it isnít exactly essential. It goes through the motions reasonably well, however, and when it shows up making the rounds on Cable television it potentially could make for excellent background noise while a person cleans the house, folds the laundry or does the dishes.





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