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Behind the scenes at, we movie freaks are dedicated and committed to creating a website that is excellent in execution and strong in content.


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Movie Freak Staff:


Dennis Landmann

Owner, Senior Editor, DVD Critic


Sara Michelle Fetters

Senior Editor Theatrical, Film & Blu-ray Critic


Dylan Grant

Film/DVD Critic

Mitchell Hattaway

Blu-ray/DVD Critic

Rachel Sexton

Film/DVD Critic

Greg Malmborg

DVD Critic

Richard Scott

DVD Critic

George Schmidt

Film/DVD Critic

Jon Bjorling

DVD Critic

Roy Earle

DVD Critic

Steven Austin

DVD Critic

P.G. Kennedy

Software Editor




Gregory L. Amato, Doug Alpern, Christopher T. Bryan, James Dickens, Jason Epand, Jon Harmon, Charly Quach, Keith Helinski, Geoffrey D. Roberts, Howard Schumann, and Matt Sienkiewicz


Previous Staff & Contributors


Elena Encarnación, Craig Younkin, John Teves, Angelo, Paul Perkins, Gareth Von Kallenbach, Michael McLarney, Harvey S. Karten, Drew Taylor, Kevin Kahler, Ryan Keefer, Dan Peters, Dan Scully/Vitamin D, Sarah Harroff




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As all reviews are written based on personal opinion and/or personal knowledge and therefore should be regarded as a series of examples of freedom of thought as well as expression guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.


So in other words, if you are hurt and/or offended by anything that was said or written within these pages. Take it easy, for nothing said will kill you. Plus all of this is purely for fun and entertainment value only. Which essentially means, if you try and sue us you'll get absolutely nothing as we have nothing to give! And with that said, we hope you enjoy the reviews.


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