Boogie Nights: Platinum Edition  (1997)


Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, John C. Reilly, Heather Graham, Don Cheadle, William H. Macy, Luis Guzman, Philip Baker Hall, Ricky Jay
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Rating: R

Studio: New Line Cinema

Review Posted: 10.30.01


By Dan Scully (Vitamin D)


On the back of the case, Paul Thomas Anderson says "This is 'Boogie Nights'!" in such and exciting manner.  Obviously, the young director is proud of this DVD. He definitely should be. The Boogie Nights New Line Platinum Series DVDs is one of the most in depth, well done, and highly entertaining DVDs available today.


The Movie


The movie begins as Eddie, a young busboy (Mark Wahlberg) with a rather large gift, is recruited to be an adult film star. Initially, he is not interested in the job, but after a rough argument with his family, he abandons his old life and takes on a new persona.  The persona of....Dirk Diggler, the womanizing stud with loads of charm and a large... uh... friend to boot. Within months Dirk is a star. He wins awards left and right, makes hundreds of movies, makes tons of friends, and of course, makes loads of money. Nothing can touch him.  Slowly, though, his career begins to deteriorate as his fifteen minutes of fame pass.


The Dirk story line is interwoven with at least a dozen others to make an emotional maze of insane entertainment. One of the most exciting storylines is the one involving William H. Macy and his characters wife, which leads up to an amazing climax.

This movie is definitely the best of it's kind (as if there are any other porn industry dramas out there). It is one of the most well directed, well acted, well written movies I have ever seen. Plus Heather Graham is naked for a few sweat inducing seconds. Two of the best seconds of my life.


The Video


Perfect. Absolutely nothing to improve. It is beautifully done!


The Audio


The music is perfectly intercut with the dialogue in an amazing sound transfer.


The Extras


Commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson:

He is a truly interesting man. This is one of the best commentary tracks around. Definitely a treat!

Deleted Scenes with Directors commentary:

Another awesome addition. It's surprising that even such a lengthy film can have deleted scenes.

Michael Penn Music Video 'Try':

Whatever. It's just a video nothing special. But of course it is welcome on any DVD

The John C Reilly Files:

You have to see for yourself. These are some of the greatest... uh... things I have ever seen. I can't say anything or else it will ruin their greatness. Definitely get it, even if only just for this feature, get the DVD!


Final Thoughts


This DVD is perfect.  There is nothing wrong with it, and nothing could've made it better.  Even if you have the original DVD, please do not miss out on this new updated version.  Purchase it now, or live in shame forever.










Final (not an average)




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