Slipknot: Disasterpieces (2002)


Rating: NR

Studio: Universal Music & VI

Review Posted: 12.28.02


By Chris Pilch


The Movie


In this case the DVD consists mostly of mostly Slipknot's concert in London, England. The band goes through 15 songs, including one song that has never been heard before. Before the concert we are treated to Slipknot getting ready before taking the stage, such as putting on on their masks and applying make-up. The entire concert is over an hour and a half long. The beauty of this footage is that each band member has a head-cam attached to them, as well as an additional 21 cameras recording their performance. Throughout the concert there are rapid cuts at precise times to capture all the fury of this army of a band. I have never seen them live, but I always wanted to. This DVD stresses why Slipknot must be seen live in concert.


The Video


Since there are 30 cameras all set up to record their performance, the quality varies. The main cameras set up are of movie quality and look spectacular, but otherwise don't expect the quality of, let's say,  Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones.


The Audio


Audio is presented in Stereo and 5.1 surround sound. I was very pleased to hear all the madness come through my surround sound speakers. The sound, which is extremely important on a DVD like this, passes the test.


The Extras


The DVD is two discs. The first disc has your normal set-ups for audio and the concert.


The second disc has all their videos. There are 5 in total with "Left Behind" being the best as far as quality goes.  There is also an animated version of "Wait and Bleed". This video is all in claymation in the kind of style as the old TOOL videos. My favorite is "Spit It Out," which is a nice spoof of "The Shining".


The second part to the 2nd disc are the different camera angles on two songs, "The Heretic" and "New Abortion". This feature is so much fun to toy around with considering there are 9 guys in the band. You have the option of switching to any one of the nine between the song using your angle button, which I found extremely fun.




If you love this band then this DVD is a must. I didn't even know the DVD was coming out until I went over to my local store. They don't have any other official DVDs like this one. I finally got my wish of watching Slipknot in concert. Slipknot thrash around on stage without getting my butt handed to me in the mosh pit.


Watching this DVD only makes me want to see these guys live even more. The fast pace of the concert and the editing of all the cameras is really a visual and musical dream for any other heavy metal fans out there. Enjoy the DVD!!!




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