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Holiday Gift Guide



Written by Sara Michelle Fetters, Mitchell Hattaway, Dennis Crane



Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Yeah, it stiffed at the box office, but Edgar Wrightís adaptation of (and vast improvement on) Bryan Lee OíMalleyís series of manga-inspired graphic novels will, much like his previous works, be worshipped in a few years. And much like those previous works, it will deserve to be. Scott Pilgrim is a comedy delight.




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The Darjeeling Limited

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Wes Andersonís delightful and monstrously underrated 2007 gem is one of those acerbic, intimately human yet psychologically archaic travelogue comedies that grows on you over time. Each viewing is a more richly rewarding experience, and you come to realize just how magnificent it truly is.


Criterion couldn't have given it a more revealing showcase, included is the masterful short film Hotel Chevalier, and one of the most revealing and enjoyably thought-provoking audio commentaries (from Anderson, co-writer and star Jason Schwartzman and co-writer Roman Coppola) Iíve ever listened to.


-Sara Michelle




In The Loop

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The fitfully funny British satire In the Loop was my favorite film of 2009. Witty, smart and bristling with insane insight, this laugh-out-loud comedy has sent me into absolute fits every time Iíve watched it. Fans of shows like ďThe OfficeĒ and movies such as M*A*S*H* and This is Spinal Tap will go absolutely bonkers over this, and I personally guarantee that as comedic stocking stuffers go this foul-mouthed masterpiece is a certified winner sure to make fans of every adult who views it.


-Sara Michelle


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Black Dynamite

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Sweet fancy Moses, is this movie ever funny. Itís a pitch-perfect send-up of blaxploitation flicks, with so much quotable dialogue itís ridiculous.




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In Bruges

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Two Dublin hitmen escape to Bruges, Belgium after a job goes sour, told to hold up there while their boss figures out what to do with them. A minor setup that turns out to be one of the freshest, surprising and absolute best character-driven comedic thrillers to come down the pike in the past few years.

A career-best from Colin Farrell, amazing support from Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes, and an Oscar-nominated script by director Martin McDonagh thatís fitfully clever and invigoratingly smart, In Bruges is a small-scale gem thatís a whip-smart hit you donít need a bullet to hit the Christmas bullís-eye with.

-Sara Michelle


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Horror? Comedy? Horror-Comedy? It's a new genre of which I'd like to see more of, especially because Zombieland is such a fun time, and the credit has to go where it's due; a fun concept and smart script with Ruben Fleischer directing the hell out of it, and stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone giving their characters life (pardon the pun). Sony's Blu-ray is worth every penny, fun extras and a solid hi-def presentation, it's darn cheap at the moment. As stocking stuffers go, this is a no-brainer.






She's Out of My League

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I wasn't expecting much out of of it, but the fact is She's Out of My League is a genuinely funny, at times heartfelt, if predictable comedy about an average guy (Jay Baruchel) who can't believe his luck when the gorgeous Molly (Alice Eve) falls for him, to much shock of his friends and off-kilter family, and his ex-girlfriend. DreamWorks' Blu-ray has some decent extras, a commentary, gag reel, deleted scenes, and hilarious dating tips, making this a present worth giving to your friends that's not out of their league.






The Other Guys

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Welcome back, Will Ferrell.


The Other Guys is Will Ferrell's funniest film since Anchorman, in my opinion, and the fact he's joined by Mark Wahlberg is a sign of genius casting. They're both hilarious in their own right, and the film is chock full of ridiculous, side-splitting, utter comedy madness.


The Extended Version is something to get excited for, and with its announced set of extras this Blu-ray looks to be a perfect hoot for the holidays.





Releases December 14, 2010



Get Him to the Greek

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One of the summerís funniest and most inspired comedies, it's a pseudo-sequel to 2008ís Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russell Brandís raucous rock star Aldous Snow is the returning character, and itís up to Jonah Hillís record label executive to get him from London to Los Angeles for a high profile concert that could resurrect his stalled career. Filled with killer (and hilarious) songs, and great performances from Brand, Hill, Rose Byrne, Colm Meaney, and Sean ďDiddyĒ Combs as Hillís foul-mouthed boss.


-Sara Michelle


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