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Holiday Gift Guide



Written by Sara Michelle Fetters, Mitchell Hattaway, Dennis Crane




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Terry Zwigoff’s astonishing 1995 documentary Crumb gets the deluxe treatment from the folks at the Criterion Collections and fans will not be disappointed. This revealing and insightful look inside the world of Robert Crumb (creator of Fritz the Cat) and his family is a disturbing, thought-provoking, freewheeling ride that’s nearly as eccentric as the artist it’s profiling. Featuring a transfer supervised by the director, two audio commentaries and plethora of other exciting extras, Criterion has delivered a hi-def disc worthy of treasuring.


-Sara Michelle




It Might Get Loud

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After he teamed with Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth and before he tackled the dire state of the U.S. educational system in Waiting for “Superman”, director Davis Guggenheim embraced his love of the electric guitar with It Might Get Loud. Chronicling three guitar gods, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, U2 electric maestro The Edge and White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather point man Jack White, the film looks at each both separately and together, the trio coming together to discuss their lives, their loves, their music and all things Rock and Roll. A fun ride filled with great music, this is one time where you won’t get in trouble for turning the volume all the way up to 11.


-Sara Michelle




Life (Narrated by David Attenborough)

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From the minds behind the extraordinary Planet Earth, BBC Films’ massive and enthralling 10-episode miniseries Life is a nature lover’s dream. All episodes save “Challenges of Life” and “Hunters and Hunted” cover their own category like reptiles, mammals and birds, each its own exhilarating tour-de-force event filled with sensational photography insights into the natural world that defy description. A one-of-a-kind experience, this is the type of stunning visual journey for which Blu-ray was invented.


-Sara Michelle





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From the folks at DinseyNature, the beautiful and emotionally moving Oceans is a vast improvement over 2009’s Earth (which was just nothing more than newly edited together sequences from BBC Films’ Planet Earth). Directed Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, the two men behind Winged Migration, this stupendous achievement is a two-hour visual stunner of the first degree. Going around the globe the pair look at the planet’s oceans with eyes wide open and hearts eager to embrace discovery making this picturesque marvel fitting, and educational, entertainment for both young and old alike.


-Sara Michelle




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