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Holiday Gift Guide



Written by Sara Michelle Fetters, Mitchell Hattaway, Dennis Crane



Days of Heaven &

The Thin Red Line

(save and buy from Amazon)


Two Terrence Malick classics courtesy of our friends at the Criterion Collection, the first a monumental period drama starring Richard Gere made in 1978, and the second his two-decades later follow-up and a candidate to be considered as the greatest WWII picture ever made.

Video and audio transfers (both personally supervised by Mallick himself) are extraordinary, while the array of special features close to revelatory. The bottom line is that viewers owe it to themselves to get to know a director as genius as Mallick in as intimate a fashion as humanly possible, Criterion helping them do just that, and then some.


-Sara Michelle


[ The Thin Red Line Blu-ray Review ]





The Bridge on the River Kwai (Collector's Edition)

(save and buy from Amazon)


The yearís most reasonably priced collectorís edition Blu-ray, Columbia Picturesí hi-def presentation of David Leanís Oscar-winning classic WWII epic is monumental. Both the visual and audio transfers blew me off of my couch, my mouth salivating almost as soon as the film began. A vital part of any film loverís library, this version of one of Leanís masterpieces (heís also the auteur behind Lawrence of Arabia) is an achievement from the folks over at Sony worth whistling a jaunty tune about.


-Sara Michelle




Winter's Bone

(save and buy from Amazon)


Guaranteed to go down as one of 2010ís best, the instantly classic dramatic thriller features a star-making performance by Jennifer Lawrence. This Midwestern gothic mystery is a journey into a heart of darkness so pure and unrelenting, the final destination as unknown and as perilous as any a viewer could possibly imagine. For those who like their dramas dark, dirty and full of uncertainty, hereís an old-school picture that resonates down to the marrow and is sure to fit their particular bill nicely.


-Sara Michelle


[ Winter's Bone Movie Review ]




The Ghost Writer

(save and buy from Amazon)


This suspense-filled drama from director Roman Polanski tells the story of an author (Ewan McGregor) taking on the biography of an elected official (Pierce Brosnan) leading him down a dangerous path to a deep and dark conspiracy.


The Ghost Writer makes my shortlist for one of the best films of 2010, and therefore I feel compelled to recommend it, either as a gift to someone who appreciates great filmmaking or something to get for yourself.






Boogie Nights

(save and buy from Amazon)


The best Scorsese movie Scorsese never made. P.T. Anderson borrows from a multitude of filmmakers, but the final result is wholly his own, and it remains for me his best work.


The extras are great, and the presentation is fantastic.





Goodfellas (20th Anniversary Collection)

(save and buy from Amazon)


The best Scorsese movie Scorsese ever made. The worst mistake those bozos in the Academy ever made.




[ Goodfellas Blu-ray Review ]





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