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Website Review

Perfect Glasses USA



Discount Prescription Eyewear


I have been using prescription eyeglasses ever since I was six years old and until recently I had never shopped for glasses online. Last week I was contacted by Perfect Glasses USA asking me to review their website and to try a pair of their eyeglasses. Naturally, I was thrilled and decided to give it a chance as my last pair cost me over $200.

I will start my review by mentioning that I enjoyed browsing the selection at Perfect Glasses USA, and kept an understanding of the glasses as it is a simple looking site without many distractions. It took me less than 6 minutes to find the pair of glasses that I really like, and I immediately jumped on the opportunity as I browse very quickly while surfing on the net.

After choosing my pair I continued to browse and spotted high-end pairs of Paul Frank's as well, but I was looking for the discount glasses, something I can see myself coming back to purchase again in the future. Considering the easy browsing and discounts, I strongly recommend Perfect Glasses USA Discount Eyewear as they have a good selection on their discount frames. Thanks again, Perfect Glasses USA.

I almost forgot, anyone who joins the Perfect Glasses USA Facebook page will be entered to win a free Paul Frank Bicycle pair and they also offered me to present the following 10% off coupon code, "Glasses2011"



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