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 Positive  Kelly Alvarado
 O Brother Where Art Thou?  Positive  Dennis Landmann
 Ocean's 11  Positive  Angelo
 Ocean's 12  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Ocean's 12  Positive  Rachel Sexton
 Oldboy (2003)  Positive  Howard Schumann
 Old Joy  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Old School  Positive  Craig Younkin
 Oliver Twist (2005)  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Omen, The (2006)  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Once Upon a Time in Mexico  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 One, The  Negative  Kevin Kahler
 One Hour Photo  Positive  Jon Bjorling
 One Night At McCool's  Negative  Angelo
 Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Open Range  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Open Water  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Orange County  Negative  Craig Younkin
 Order, The (2003)  Mixed  Rachel Sexton
 Original Sin  Negative  Craig Younkin
 Osmosis Jones  Positive  Craig Younkin
 Others, The  Positive  Greg Malmborg
 Others, The  Positive  Craig Younkin
 Out Cold  Negative  Craig Younkin
 Out of Time  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Over the Hedge  Positive  Sara M. Fetters