Road Trip (2000)


Starring: Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, DJ Qualls, Tom Green
Director: Todd Phillips
Rating: R

Studio: DreamWorks SKG

Review Posted: 5.15.00

Spoilers: Major


By Dennis Stephen L.


"Not the coolest trip, but hip"


Seeing the latest teen comedy Road Trip at my local theater for free with free drinks was not bad. Then, I walked into the theater a little late and it was packed. Mostly young people like me, 14-21 and couple 30s people as well. Me and my friend found 2 seats somewhat in the front and I didn't like the view, which made it a little uneasy to watch. But whatever.


Road Trip starts off with Barry (Tom Green) walking around campus with a bunch of visitors looking at the Ithaca College campus. He is the tour guide obviously. Although, Road Trip doesn't really start until Barry tells the story of Josh (Breckin Meyer - I saw him when he walked by me at the Lakers-Suns game on 4/13/00) and the infamous sex tape he accidentally mailed to his girlfriend in Austin, TX. This was the set up to the story that shouldn't have been as during the entire time it made me think if Barry just made it all up, or at least changed several details to accommodate a better version of the story.


Josh and Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) have been friends since they were little kids - through kindergarten, elementary, and high school. And then they went their separate ways at the end of their senior high school year. Tiffany went to Austin, TX while Josh went to Ithaca, NY. They told themselves that they would stay true to each other by not having sex with another person, you know the deal. According to Josh's friend E.L. (Seann William Scott), this relationship is giving Josh's dick a hard time, "I'm going to pick up my balls and leave," obviously referring to Josh's the you-know-what. Josh realizes that it can't go on like that forever so he hooks up with Beth (Amy Smart) at a party. He got her for 26 bucks.


Beth tapes Josh while they have sex. And beware, Amy Smart loses her top. I was afraid the filmmakers would cut away after she pulled off her top but they didn't and I liked that a lot. Amy Smart is actually pretty good looking so I enjoyed that moment, mind you.


And shwoop-dee-doo, the sex tape gets mailed to Tiffany by accident. Just watch the movie and see the set-up yourself. The rest of the movie is basically Josh trying to get to the tape before it gets to Tiffany. Josh, E.L. and [Costanzo] borrow skinny-dippy Kyle's (DJ Qualls) car to go on a road trip to Austin - not Boston which Barry confuses it with later on that leads Beth on the wrong track.


Something that bothered me with this movie is that it was way too short (only a rough 90 minutes) and lacked story, mainly in the middle as they spend a lot of time driving the car. Although, on the way there were some pretty funny moments. Visiting Barry's grandparents, attending an all-black fraternity party, and anything else I didn't mention.


Road Trip can't really be compared to American Pie as the setting is different - this is college. Although, I've got to say that American Pie was a lot funnier that Road Trip overall. Don't get me wrong, Road Trip was fun and sick, but it didn't fully live up to my expectations. Still, I was laughing most of the time. If you have two hours to kill, check out this movie.


Rating: 7 out of 10