Tomcats (2001)


Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth, Jake Busey, Horatio Sanz
Director: Gregory Poirier
Rating: R

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Review Posted: 3.29.01

Combined Rating: 5/10

First Viewing: 8/10

Second Viewing: 3/10


By Stephen.


Note: This review is based upon first viewing. The movie got considerably worse upon second viewing.


"It's everything to joke about... or is it?"


One would think that all the jokes in the movie have just been excised and put together to form the trailer. But that assumption is truly misleading. Tomcats has more to offer than one could possibly imagine. Take most of the raunchy sex-oriented comedy from Scary Movie, steal some themes from American Pie, Road Trip, Saving Silverman, and The Tom Green Show and the basic idea for Tomcats is born. One could argue that most of the plot is a rehash and rip-off of other movies.


In order to pay off a huge Casino debt, Michael Delaney (Jerry O'Donnell) hires Natalie, a sexy girl, (Shannon Elizabeth) to seduce and marry his friend Kyle (Jake Busey) within 30 days. If they marry, Michael pockets the money from an old bet set years ago and is able to pay off his debt. The only problem is that Michael falls for Natalie. This is basically it in a superficial sort of way. Of course, there are all sorts of subplots. However, they are too controversial to be discussed here. Although, I can safely say that all of them reference sex, drugs, and/or foul language; for anyone who might care.


Tomcats is a laugh riot. However, it uses a plot as an excuse just so it can pull off some really nasty jokes and gross-out humor. Once the main idea is introduced, after about thirty minutes into the movie, random scenes take 
over the movie to make room for a dozen hilarious, yet unexpected jokes. It's really
the kind of comedy that pays attention, maybe too much, to jokes and not to the most important part that is the story (a really predictable one at that). Tomcats really earned its R-rating. One nasty, yet outrageous scene has Michael chasing Kyle’s left testicle through a hospital. And beware, because there is more to that! There is the chase of a testicle, a party full of drunk chicks, an on-going lesbian subplot, a dominatrix taking charge, a wedding lunch turning into sexual turmoil, and a lot more! Beware, though, as this kind of humor doesn't pertain to everybody.


First-timer Gregory Poirier, who also wrote the script, directed Tomcats as sassy (or arsy) as possible. It's evident in his writing that he doesn't have a fair sense of plot continuity. The movie, or plot in this case, deliberately takes turns here and corners there to make room for more that a dozen jokes. It works in the first hour or so, but later it just takes one out of the story (if one was ever considered). There wasn't much acting needed. The characters were all superficial in their own ways and traits, so the performances didn't matter all too much.


Overall, Tomcats was a lot of fun. Granted, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense and basically shows off nasty jokes, I found myself laughing hysterically. If you watch it, disregard the plot and get ready for sex, jokes, hints at lesbian activity, and much more. If you're one of those close attention paying freaks, leave the theater at once because you're not going to have a good time. Just let the fun slap you in the face and make sure to bring some tissues, because tears will be rolling down your eyes (though some of you might have tears of having lost $8 bucks and 90 minutes of valuable time; 'Nick' should know what I mean).