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 Waiting (2005)  Mixed/Positive  Dylan Grant

 Waking Life

 Positive  Angelo
 Walking Tall (2004)  Positive  Craig Younkin
 Walk on Water (2004)  Positive  Howard Schumann
 Walk the Line  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit  Positive  George Schmidt
 War of the Worlds (2005)  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Watcher, The  Mixed  Paul Perkins
 Weather Man, The  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Weather Underground, The  Positive  Howard Schumann
 Wedding Crashers  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 We Don't Live Here Anymore  Mixed  George Schmidt
 We Were Soldiers  Positive  Craig Younkin
 Wedding Date, The  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Wedding Planner, The  Mixed  Dennis Landmann
 Weight of Water, The  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Welcome to Collinwood  Positive  Harvey S. Karten
 Welcome to Mooseport  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Whale Rider  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 What Lies Beneath  Mixed  Dennis Landmann
 What the Bleep Do We Know?  Positive  Howard Schumann
 What Women Want  Positive  Mike McLarney
 What's The Worst That Could Happen ?  Positive  Paul Perkins
 When a Stranger Calls (2006)  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 When Will I Be Loved (2004)  Positive  Dylan Grant
 Where The Heart Is  Mixed  Sheila Danzig


 Negative  Paul Perkins
 White Countess, The  Positive  Rachel Sexton
 White Noise  Negative  George Schmidt
 White Oleander  Positive  Harvey S. Karten
 Who Killed the Electric Car?  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Why We Fight (2006)  Positive  Dylan Grant
 Wicker Park  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Widow of St. Pierre  Positive  Mike McLarney
 Wild, The  Negative  Gregory L. Amato
 Wild Hogs  Negative  Sara Michelle Fetters
 Wild Thornberrys, The  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!  Mixed  Rachel Sexton
 Wimbledon (2004)  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Windtalkers  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Winter Solstice  Positive  George Schmidt
 With A Friend Like Harry  Positive  Sara M. Fetters
 Without a Paddle  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Wolf Creek (2005)  Negative  Sara M. Fetters
 Woman On Top  Positive  Paul Perkins
 Wonder Boys  Positive  Mike McLarney
 Woodsman, The  Positive  George Schmidt
 World Trade Center  Mixed  Sara M. Fetters
 Wrong Turn  Positive  Sara M. Fetters